The objective of this site is to provide you with tips so that every day
at least one of our six daily 'Suggests' will get you minimum 1% profit
on Rs.15000/- investment from your side. If you play on-line as per our
Guidelines and following our 'PricePoints' and Updates.

Even if you catch only part of what is shown in this website
and make only 25% of what is actually possible,
you earn minimum 10% profit per month... every month

In a nutshell, this is what this site will give you.




Every trade-day morning we will give you the names of 3 stocks that we feel will give you good intra day profits for that day.

We will also give you 3 other names that we will place on the "Also See" list. The names in this list are the second choices for the day.

All 6 names will be sent to your mobile phone by SMS every trade-day morning around 8:30amIST. You can also log into our website to get these names.

Primarily, we will give you LONG calls. That is where our expertise is.

Our Suggests are meant for intraday trading in stocks listed with the National Stock Exchange of India, Equities/Cash segment only.



We provide 'PricePoints' for the 6 scrips mentioned. These are available only at the 'Suggests & Alerts' page — you'll have to log in to our site to see them.

PricePoints are a variation of Support and Resistance Levels and are to be used as ENTRY and EXIT points during actual trading, as directed in our Updates.

You have to understand the main problem with these levels: they work sometimes, and sometimes they will not work. Also, at certain times, support becomes resistance, and at other times, resistance level act as support. So, please use your judgement and use these only as guidelines.


    What are PricePoints? How to use PricePoints?    


On market days, during market hours, we give live SMS Updates on some of our 'Suggests'. These SMS Updates are only about the 'Suggests' for that day and are basically watch-out notices. Actual BUY/SELL decisions, and at what price, depends entirely on the member.

These Updates typically give you present market situation, which stocks to concentrate on at that point of time, how many stocks to buy, 'Buy above' levels, StopLoss and Target Levels. While the SMS has only the essential part, full details are uploaded on the 'Suggests & Alerts' page of this site shortly after the SMS is released.

Members can login to your account anytime to view the Updates at that page. All visitors can click on any 'Details' link on our Past Performance page to see what we send in our Updates.

Normally, SMS Updates are sent around 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm. The last one is optional.

Our Updates are time specific — meaning, each one is valid till the next one. For example, what we send at 10am is valid till the next Update at 11:00am. After this, what is said in this Update of 11:00am becomes applicable.

If a position from a previous Update is to be carried forward, it will be mentioned in the next Update. If any Update is missed or not sent, positions from the previous Update are to be carried forward automatically.


    Why no Triggers & Entry/Exit Points in advance?    


Ready to play...

You have to track the scrips that we have mentioned, in real time, and take a position on them following our guidelines, PricePoints and Updates to get maximum profits.

On any given day, it is quite possible that any combination of the 6 suggests, or maybe all 6, turn out to be duds — non productive — or may even put you in a loss situation following our best efforts. This is part of the game and you will have to accept it gracefully. Without any grievances. What needs to be seen is the overall picture.

Taking appropriate action on BUY/SELL thereafter, is dependent on you. After all, its your own money. Why should someone else tell you when to put it in, and when to take it out?


End-of-Day Analysis

At the end of each day we will publish an analysis of the day's performance for each of the 'Suggests' as per our PricePoints and Updates. We will indicate how much profit or loss you would have made if you had followed our instructions.

Often, it may not be feasible to take a position on any of the 'Suggests', whether because prices did not reach the 'See Above' of our Update, or any other reason. Such situations will be indicated as a 'Stay-Away'.

You will be able to see this analysis on the next day morning. Exception to this may occur on certain days.



The Suggests, the SMS services, the PricePoints, the Updates and how exactly to use this information to gain profits, plus a few other pointers and links, are available only to our members. The analysis portion is for open viewing by everybody. To see an example page of 'Suggests' please click here.

Please see the Membership page for full details on membership fee and facilities. You have to agree to our Disclaimer and Terms of Service before you apply.

To try out our system you may apply for a 1-week trial membership.


LIVE Technical Support

Detailed LIVE unlimited telephonic support through our HelpLine on how to trade using our PricePoints, using live examples, is available to members from 11am to 3pm on all trade-days. We also have a call-back service, if that is required.


Equipment/Services Required

To get the best out of this site, and to effectively play the stock market for intraday trading, you will require to have the following minimum MUST-HAVE systems in place:


Please Note: Our SMS service is for Indian residents only. Residents outside India will not receive any SMS. They will have to operate through this website alone. All other service parameters remain unchanged for overseas members.

Also, neither will Indian residents receive any SMS if the mobile number provided is in any DND/NDNC list maintained by Govt of India, Dept. of Telecommunication.