The following payment options are available:
  1. Instant IMPS (Immediate Payment Service):
    Use our State Bank of India (SBI) account number and IFSC code. IMPS can be used on any platform -- Mobile, Internet and ATM across any bank in India. This is the preferred method as the money is transferred immediately.

    For our bank account details: Please click here.

  2. Online NEFT Transfer:
    You can use Net Banking for NEFT transfers to our State Bank of India (SBI) account.

    Our system will NOT take you to a payment gateway after Registration. You will have to use your Bank's portal to add us as a beneficiary and then transfer the money online. Adding our account can take upto 2-days time.

    For our bank account details: Please click here.

  3. Cheque Deposit:
    Write a cheque in our name and drop it in the "drop-box" of any local State Bank of India (SBI) branch in your city/town. DO NOT PAY BY CASH.

    For full details: Please click here.

With Effect From 10-June-2021:

No 1-Week Trial Membership.

No 3-Month, 6-Month, 1-Year Membership.

We will accept only Monthly Membership at
Rs. 500 per month, renewable every month.

SMS service stopped across all Updates —
You will have to log-in to our website and see
Suggests after 8:30 every morning, and after
the Updates at the usual times: 10am, 11am,
12:30pm and 2:30pm. The last one is optional.


Full corrections will be done on this page later.


Category You Pay Effective Rate
1-Week Trial: Rs. 500/-

For 5-working-days

Rs. 1,000/-
Rs. 500/-
Rs. 1,000/-

per month

Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 830/-

per month

Rs. 4,500/- Rs. 750/-

per month

Rs. 8,000/- Rs. 670/-

per month

Please see the Membership Details page for explanation of above.

Fees given above are inclusive of all taxes and levies.

(1) Please make a payment first...

(2) After making a payment, fill in and send us the form below:

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Payment Method:

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Payment Details:

For PayTM: Send SMS to 9674873141; For IMPS: Confirmation number and mobile number registered with bank (if different from one given above); For NEFT transfer: Confirmation code, which Bank, A/C Holder's Name, A/C number; If by cheque: Cheque No., A/C holder's name, which Bank...    0  |  120

Promo Code:

Give your Promo Code here if you have received one from us...Otherwise: 'NIL'.    0  |  10



If you are having problems sending this form, send
your payment details by SMS to our HelpLine numbers:

9674873141  -OR-  8697344733

You can simply forward the same SMS that you have received
from your Bank on successful transfer of funds.