Taking Membership here is a 3-step process:

Step-1 : Registration through our 'Application Form';
Step-2 : Payment; and
Step-3 : Informing us about the payment.

These 3-steps are explained below:

  1. Registration — Fill up the Membership Application Form.
  2. Making a Payment is the second step. You will be taken to the Payment page after Registration is completed successfully. Please choose a payment method suitable to you. What payment options are available? See this...
  3. After you make payment, please send us payment details through this form. Repeat the information given during Registration.


With Effect From 10-June-2021:

No 1-Week Trial Membership.

No 3-Month, 6-Month, 1-Year Membership.

We will accept only Monthly Membership at
Rs. 500 per month, renewable every month.

SMS service stopped across all Updates —
You will have to log-in to our website and see
Suggests after 8:30 every morning, and after
the Updates at the usual times: 10am, 11am,
12:30pm and 2:30pm. The last one is optional.


Full corrections will be done on this page later.


Category You Pay Effective Rate
1-Week Trial: Rs. 500/-

For 5-working-days

Rs. 1,000/-
Rs. 500/-
Rs. 1,000/-

per month

Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 830/-

per month

Rs. 4,500/- Rs. 750/-

per month

Rs. 8,000/- Rs. 670/-

per month

How to make a payment?   Click here...

Please Note: There will be NO deduction of the Trial amount of Rs. 500/-
when you continue membership after Trial.


Trial & Regular Memberships gives you these:

  • Every trade-day morning, you'll receive our 'Suggests' by SMS to your mobile phone around 8:30amIST.
  • You can also log-in to our website and see the 'Suggests & Alerts' link to get these names after 8:30amIST every trade-day morning.
  • You can also access the other files in the MEMBER AREA of this website. They include discussions on our Trading Guidelines, Tips on how to get the most from our site, etc.
  • We will provide 'PricePoints' for the 6 scrips mentioned as 'Suggests'. These are not sent by SMS, but are available only at the 'Suggests & Alerts' page of this website — you'll have to log-in here to see them.
  • During market hours, you will receive SMS 'Alerts' on some of our 'Suggests' guided by our PricePoints. Number and frequency of these alerts depend on market situation.

    Normally, SMS 'Alerts' are sent around 10:00amIST, 11:amIST, 12:30pmIST and around 2:30pmIST. The last one is optional.

    These SMS Alerts are only about the 'Suggests' for that day and are basically watch-out notices. Actual BUY/SELL decisions, and at what price, depends entirely on the member.

  • What we send by SMS as 'Alerts' are also uploaded in our 'Suggests & Alerts' page within a short time after the SMSs are dispatched. You can login to your account anytime to view the 'Alerts' at this page.
  • Detailed unlimited telephonic support through our HelpLine on how to trade using our PricePoints, using live examples, is available from 11am to 3pm on all trade-days. We also have a call-back service, if that is required.
  • You will receive priority response to your queries via the CONTACT US link.
  • You will have access to other value additions that will come in future.
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The following payment options are available:

  1. Mobile IMPS (Immediate Payment Service):
    Use our State Bank of India (SBI) account number and IFSC code. IMPS can be used on any platform -- Mobile, Internet and ATM across any bank in India. This is the preferred method as the money transfer is immediate.

    For our bank account details: Please click here.

  2. Online NEFT Transfer:
    You can use Net Banking for NEFT transfers to our State Bank of India (SBI) account.

    Our system will NOT take you to a payment gateway after Registration. You will have to use your Bank's portal to add us as a beneficiary and then transfer the money online. Adding our account can take upto 2-days time.

    For our bank account details: Please click here.

  3. Cheque Deposit:
    Write a cheque in our name and drop it in the "drop-box" of any local State Bank of India (SBI) branch in your city/town. DO NOT PAY BY CASH.

    For full details: Please click here.

  • Please make payment first...
  • Then send details through the Renew/Payment Form...
  • After payment is resolved, your account will be activated before trading starts on the next trade-day.

Please Note:
  1. Membership fees given above are inclusive of all taxes and levies.
  2. Fees once paid are non-refundable, non-transferable.
  3. 5-Working-Day Trial is with full-service, at par with Regular 3/6/12-Month Membership. It will be for 5 working days from the date your account is activated after payment is received. To continue services, you have to make payment and renew your Membership. SMS notices will be sent.
  4. Trial amount of Rs. 500/- is not adjustable when you continue membership after Trial.
  5. Our SMS service is for Indian residents only. Residents outside India will not receive any SMS. They will have to operate through this website alone. All other service parameters remain unchanged for overseas members.
  6. Indian residents also will not receive any SMS if the mobile number provided is in any DND/NDNC list maintained by Department of Telecommunication, Govt of India.
  7. To check if your number is in any Govt List : Click here.
  8. Profit figures given at our website are "estimates" only and do not take into account brokerage charges and other operational costs. This is because these charges can vary widely from provider to provider across the country and it will be misleading to give any one figure that is applicable throughout India.