We are closed on all days when NSE is closed,
...and a few West Bengal Public Holidays

Plus, we may be closed for a few times during the year
due to breakdown, repair, maintenance, upgradation, etc.
These won't be for more than 1 or 2 days each time...
In most of these cases, the problem will be sudden and
we will go off-air suddenly, without notice. However,
we will try to inform our members about what is going on.

We might have 2 other planned closures for 4-5 days each in 2019.
We will inform members well in advance about these planned closures.

All paid members at the time of these closings will be compensated —
their membership expiry date will be extended appropriately.

First planned closure this year:

Scheduled ISP-related upgrade and maintainance has been planned in
April and we will be closed for 4-working-days, Thursday 11th, Friday 12th,
Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18-Apr-2019; Our services will close from the
afternoon of Wednesday 10-Apr-2019 till Sunday 21-Apr-2019;

Full services will resume from the morning of Monday 22-Apr-2019

All active memberships at that time will be extended by 4-days.


Public Holidays in West Bengal when we are closed in 2019:

Sr. No. Date Day Description
1 January 23, 2019 Wednesday Netaji Birthday
2 April 15, 2019 Monday Bengali New Year
3 May 09, 2019 Thursday Rabindra Jayanti
4 October 03-16, 2019 Thursday-Wednesday Durga Puja


These are NSE Trading Holidays for 2019:

Sr. No. Date Day Description
1 04-Mar-2019 Monday Mahashivratri
2 21-Mar-2019 Thursday Holi
3 17-Apr-2019 Wednesday Mahavir Jayanti
4 19-Apr-2019 Friday Good Friday
5 29-Apr-2019 Monday General Elections (Lok Sabha)
6 01-May-2019 Wednesday May Day
7 05-Jun-2019 Wednesday Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan ID)
8 12-Aug-2019 Monday Bakri Id
9 15-Aug-2019 Thursday Independence Day
10 02-Sep-2019 Monday Ganesh Chaturthi
11 10-Sep-2019 Tuesday Muharram
12 02-Oct-2019 Wednesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
13 08-Oct-2019 Tuesday Dusera
14 28-Oct-2019 Monday Diwali-Balipratipada*
15 12-Nov-2019 Tuesday Guru Nanak Jayanti
16 25-Dec-2019 Wednesday Christmas

* Muhurat Trading shall be held on Sunday, October 27,2019
(Diwali Amavasya – Laxmi Pujan).
Timings of Muhurat Trading shall be notified subsequently.

Holiday list is subject to last minute changes

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