IntradayTrade dot Net
Beginners, please read this:

  • We will only give you the names of the stocks that we believe will give you good profits in the course of today, together with PricePoints that will act as guidelines on your daily chart.
  • We do not give any trigger or entry/exit point in advance before market hours as we firmly believe that they act as barriers — you will not take any position until a trigger is reached, but by then the stock price may have changed by several points and you will miss a golden opportunity.
  • In our system, you are free to enter and leave at any point you feel comfortable with. You may choose not to play at all. The choice is entirely yours. We give you PricePoints and Alerts to help you with entry and exit.
  • Exact entry and exit points will vary from person to person depending on your risk taking abilities. Meaning, how much loss you are willing to bear, how much profit you are expecting, your mental state at this point of time, etc.
  • Suppose you decide to risk a total of Rs.1000/- today — for a lot of 200 stocks priced at Rs.300 each your stoploss will be Rs.295/- (300-295=5; 5x200=1000). But if you have already made a profit of Rs.1000/- on another deal a few minutes ago, you may take a larger stoploss, say 290.
  • Because of these factors, we do not make flats statement like "Buy XYZ at 325, SL-320, TG1-330, TG2-345" before market opens that will be applicable to everyone at everytime. It is not possible to make one statement that will be applicable to everyone.
  • Instead, we give you PricePoints and Alerts. PricePoints are levels that will help you take decisions about when to enter and exit from a trade.
  • During market hours, we give live SMS Alerts on some of our Suggests guided by our PricePoints. These SMS Alerts are basically watch-out notices. Actual BUY/SELL decisions, and at what price, depends entirely on you. See our FAQ for full details on PricePoints and Alerts.
  • At the end of the day we give you an analysis of what we thought were good entry and exit points, and the expected profit from such action following our PricePoints and Alerts.
  • Your exact entry and exit points may have been totally different, and it is possible that you have made a profit/loss which is far removed from what we have shown.
  • It is strongly suggested that you study our analysis for a few days in detail and do some 'paper trades' before actually putting in hard cash. Use stoploss diligently. If ever in doubt, simply withdraw.