About Us


IntradayTrade dot Net is a group of 4 people that came together in 2005 from diverse backgrounds but with one burning passion: playing the Stock Market. Our senior-most member is 55+ years old and the youngest member is 25+. We participate in intraday trading, swing trading and positional trading at the NSE.

Our Uncleji has been dabbling with the stock market since the time you required a 'card' to get onto the floor. You then had to shout to buy or sell. And agents hung out of pigeonhole-like gaddis yelling into multiple black telephones. Then came the regime of 'badla' and now everything is on-line. Our Uncleji has seen it all!

Our Office Area Others in our group come from insurance, mutual-funds, investment banking and FMGC retail sales backgrounds.

Since January 2008 we have been meeting (almost) every trade-day morning and co-ordinating our efforts to maximise profits. Our platform was formalised in April 2008 when we came under the Synergy Group. We now have our own offices where we run several terminals for on-line stock market trading using our own 'Suggests'. We operate from Kolkata and Visakhapatnam.


IntradayTrade dot Net

Our first website is IntradayTrade dot Net that came online in August 2008. It caters to traders who practice day-trading seriously and diligently. Every trade-day morning we publish a list of 6 'Suggests' that we feel will give good intraday profits. On the same evening we analyse and show you how these 6 'Suggests' have performed during the day. This tells what profit you would have made on that day if you had followed our 'Suggests'.



The tremendous success of Intradaytrade and numerous requests from its members led us to establish our second on-line venture — TradeKarisma — that came online in January 2010. It caters exclusively to swing traders who practice 3-day to 15-day period delivery based trading seriously and diligently. We periodically publish the names of scrips that we feel will give excellent profits in the next 3-day to 15-day period. We give you ENTRY points together with TARGETS and STOPLOSS. We also indicate how many stocks to BUY. We also give regular 'Alerts' which are updates on our 'Suggests' that are still open at that time. All time sensitive information are sent by SMS. They are also available at the 'Suggests' page of the website. (This site is non-functional now)


Future Plans

Regarding the functionality of our websites, these are the plans/thoughts (as of Aug'10) we have for the future:

We hereby request our members and all visitors to suggest improvements for this site. Please send us your suggestions/comments through our Contact Form.


Thank you, and Happy Trading ...